About Us

about geewhiz me
Geewhiz Me is a small creative web development venture by me,
Sungee Heijneman, based in Kuranda, North Queensland Australia.
I also spend time around Mulumbimby NSW and the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.
I intent to spend time in Golden Bay, the top of the South Island of New Zealand every other Summer, this is where I have mostly been living in the last 10 years.
Lucky me..

I love the internet and love creating beautiful functional websites.

No big impersonal multinational here, but a real person that will answer you personally.
I will do my best to help you with creating an online presence that you are happy with, and that will deliver its message across all current platforms.

I like the open source approach and work with open source web technology - I will not ‘lock you in’ with a system that leaves you no other choice then to keep coming to me for future updates etc, instead open source will guarantee that other web developers can pick it up easily if needed.

I’ll set you up with a site that you can make changes to easily yourself and give you a little training if needed and am always ‘here’ to answer your questions or guide you.

I’ll help you save money on reliable local NZ / OZ hosting with a great helpdesk.

And help you get your head around writing content that does well for being found in search engines, promotion on social media, targeted Google Adwords campaigns and such to drive traffic to your site.

My appropriate technology talents go hand in hand with my fascination for People and Mother Nature.
I am currently studying RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy and loving it !
I am also a keen gardener and Permaculturalist.

I love being part of amazing places and connecting with beautiful people, Intentional Communities, Retreat Centers, and other high vibrational places is where I like to spend my time and give my gifts, share, learn, teach, work and play together, especially when the focus is on growing (personal growth and growing great organic food! :) healing, sharing, making a difference and having fun.

I am currently toggling between a few places that I love dearly and am open to hear about other places that would possibly be a good fit.
I would love to manage a retreat centre or be part of a community, where I can exercise my many talents from web master, multimedia and promotion work to RTT Therapy, head gardener work (creating edible landscapes - food forests is my specialty - propagation, sprouting, growing baby greens, nutrient dense food!) preparing amazing dishes, (raw vegan / vegetarian) juices and smoothies, and take care of the million little things that come up in the running of such a place, fixing things, tending to gardens and guests helping everything to thrive and flower.

Please contact me if you would like to chat - I would love that and am looking forward to it - no strings attached.

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